Story: DDC pt. 1

Read part one of DDC here!

Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark Comes Out Tuesday, 1/17

One of YA’s most popular authors, Veronica Roth (author of the Divergent trilogy), is starting a completely new series, which is set to be a duology.

The first book in the duology will be titled Carve the Mark, and will be released January 17, 2017.

The Hammer of Thor Review

Ah, Rick Riordan: Lord of the Cliffhangers, Master of Laughter, Legendary Character Developer, King of References, and finally, Doom of Fangirls.

Those titles essentially sum up any Riordan novel out there, and The Hammer of Thor is no exception.

Starflight Review

A light, quick read, with plenty of humor, SPACE PIRATES, action, and adventure.

City of Bones Review

Good news:

My book hangover is officially over. And so will yours–that is, if you read City of Bones.

The Eye of Minds Review

If you think playing Slender is scary, wait until you hear about the VirtNet: A fully immersive virtual reality platform where anything and everything can happen.